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Hey, I’m Nikki! I am a nerdy geek who has a passion for writing, drawing, painting, and many other art media. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been crafting stories in my head whether they were original works or fanfictions. Over ten years ago, I started writing a novel and developing my skills as a writer and, now, that novel is near completion! I do consider myself a Christian writer, but the majority of my stories are all fantasy and sci-fi based.

Outside of writing, I’ve worked a lot with animals. I currently work at a zoo. I used to work at an animal shelter, a dairy farm, and a farmstead. I have an “Animals” category on the home page where you can find all my writings about the different species I’ve worked with. Animals and conservation are big passions of mine, so check out that category if you want to learn more. I’m frequently asked what species do I work with, so to sate your question: I work with hippopotamus, chimpanzees, a couple tortoise species, a few bird species, African painted dogs, and baboons. I will be training soon to work with serval more as well.

The goal of this website is to just get my work out there. I enjoy writing and I want to share it. Writing helps me work through things and clear my head. It gets feelings I’m holding onto off my chest and it’s a lot of fun to come up with crazy new worlds, plotlines, and ideas. I hope everyone who visits this website finds something that they’ll enjoy. If you need help with navigation, I have categories at the bottom of the home page that separate all my different works. If you have any feedback, feel free to share! You have to have a WordPress account to comment or like on the website, but you can always find me on Facebook, Twitter, and a little of Instagram. Feedback is how writers improve, so I’ll appreciate anything you want to say! Also, don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks for hanging out!

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