Unicorns and Dragons

Writing Prompt: What would life be like if unicorns and dragons existed? If unicorns and dragons existed, I fear they would’ve been hunted to extinction by now. Let’s start with unicorns. They’re beautiful creatures and often regarded as pure and magical with incredible abilities like healing the sick, and providing long life and happiness. Let’sContinue reading “Unicorns and Dragons”

Writing Prompt: Dream Interpretation

I don’t know a lot about dreams. You know the kind where you lay your head down to sleep and your mind creates all these fantasies or nightmares. It could be something as cool as battling a witch or as terrifying as being chased by a murderer. I’ve heard it said that dreams are justContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Dream Interpretation”

Writing Prompt: I’m Offended.

I don’t get offended easily–or at least, I like to think that I don’t. So, when considering the writing prompt: what’s the most offensive thing you have ever heard anyone say? Not a lot comes to mind. Sure, I could talk about something some political person or sports person or media whatnot said or IContinue reading “Writing Prompt: I’m Offended.”

Writing Prompt: Best Compliment

What’s a compliment you’ve received that really made your day? And I mean REALLY made your day. Maybe your mind goes to one specific thing or maybe you think of something you wish someone would compliment you on? Either way, let us know! For me, well, I’ve got a pretty specific memory that comes toContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Best Compliment”

Writing Prompt: Sound the Alarm

Complete this thought: “I wish an alarm would notify me whenever…” …I start to doubt. We’ve all been there. Suddenly finding ourselves in a season of hindrance, questioning our every move. And it’s all because of five letter word that even has us questioning how to spell it: doubt. Doubt will sneak up on youContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Sound the Alarm”