As a Fellow Knight

The city was alive with the King’s Festival when my companions and I arrived. Colorful banners were strung throughout the air. Music lifted spirits so high that my aching feet no longer felt sore. People of varying backgrounds crowded the streets. I can’t remember the last time we came to the city. My companions andContinue reading “As a Fellow Knight”

Writing Prompt: A Haunted House

Include the following words: silver, relativity, watercolor, Copper Beech, limited, affect, broccoli, politician, arsenal, cufflink The silver light of a full Moon casts an eerie halo upon the mansion. The night is partly cloudy, a hazy blend of blues and blacks like a watercolor mural. A lazy breeze brings the shiver of chills down theContinue reading “Writing Prompt: A Haunted House”

Tribute to the Shelter Pet

Thursday was a very special day for animal shelters everywhere. It’s something called “Remember Me Thursday.” And it’s a special day where we remember and honor the lives of animals who didn’t make it out of the shelter. Animals who were euthanized for behavior reasons or medical reasons. Animals who never found their forever homeContinue reading “Tribute to the Shelter Pet”

Those You Don’t Forget

Written October 2013 Best Friend:             With a pouty face she turns to me and holds out her unopened screw-off water bottle. I let out a laugh seeing her face and in one easy movement I take the bottle and open it for her, “Thanks,” she mutters quickly glancing around for that one guy whoContinue reading “Those You Don’t Forget”