Writing Prompt: Sound the Alarm

Complete this thought: “I wish an alarm would notify me whenever…” …I start to doubt. We’ve all been there. Suddenly finding ourselves in a season of hindrance, questioning our every move. And it’s all because of five letter word that even has us questioning how to spell it: doubt. Doubt will sneak up on youContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Sound the Alarm”

As a Fellow Knight pt. 7

The castle was lit up with the late festival feast. Drunkards danced the streets and their off-tune jolly songs filled the air. Dionna found herself a burly, hairy man to dance with while Aledon was taking advantage of the festival’s lax nature to show off some magic. I just kept watch. I watched the crowdsContinue reading “As a Fellow Knight pt. 7”

As a Fellow Knight Pt. 6

The crowds departed Sir Duncan gathered the people’s cheers with arms open wide–I swear his head grew two sizes because of it. Meanwhile, Sir Gavin’s corpse was staining the field red. No one bothered with it. Not with all the attention all on Sir Duncan’s victory. “I’m sorry, Naviro.” Dionna laid her hand on myContinue reading “As a Fellow Knight Pt. 6”

D&D Character Backstory: Nuray Solana

The House of Solana is a proud and noble bloodline that produces heroic and powerful knights, paladins, and warriors in every generation. They live in Alderheart and are known throughout the land for their goodness. Each one awaits the day the wind would bless them with it’s touch. My name is Nuray Solana. I wasContinue reading “D&D Character Backstory: Nuray Solana”

Querying; Notes from a Workshop

Hey everyone! I attended the North Carolina Writing Workshop over the weekend and I want to share a few of my favorite notes from the events. The event was set up by Brian A. Klems and hosted a lot of fabulous agents and editors. Brian’s pretty much the expert for getting these workshops running, soContinue reading “Querying; Notes from a Workshop”