Heat radiating and raging harshly.Destruction everywhere.The flames licked the trees, the leafs, and the life away.Devastation reigned in fiery chaos.  Blackened ashes rise, dead.Roaring coals rocketed from the flames,Spreading the destruction across its wake.Faster and faster life perishes. Flee! Habitants, the forest drops defeated!Run for water, run for cover, run for your very lives!There isContinue reading “Wildfire”

Advice from an Author: Julie Lessman

A week ago, I had the honor to pick a published author’s brain. Not just any author either: award winning Christian Romance author Julie Lessman. Her first book earned her the American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year Award and she’s written over 20 books since then. So, how does someone likeContinue reading “Advice from an Author: Julie Lessman”