Morning at the Zoo

Walking the chimp exhibitMaking sure they can’t escapeAs dawn breathes on the horizonAnd morning starts to break Wind rustles the treesAnd squirrels scatter undergrowthBut off in the distanceMake sure you listen real close Noble roars take the airAs the lions announce their presenceThey need to make sure all know:On these acres, they take precedence TheContinue reading “Morning at the Zoo”

Mwezi Hu; The Death House pt. 4

There’s a hollowness in the air as we stand in front of Rose and Thorn’s coffins. None of us want to open them. They are–or were–just kids after all. Vyke lets out a heavy sigh. He’s holding his hand out toward the coffins. “I’m detecting a lot of necromancy magic, but its coming from everywhereContinue reading “Mwezi Hu; The Death House pt. 4”

To the Collectors

So may people out there are collectors. I’m one. I’m sure you’re probably one. So what kind of things do you collect? I’m guilty of collecting a lot. I like collecting Zelda figures, animal skulls, Pokemon stuff, notebooks–bottom line: I’m quite the geek. I’ve got a brother who collects Dungeons and Dragons stuff and IContinue reading “To the Collectors”