Communication Dies

It festers in the groundA word hereA whisper thereWho knows if its true Or if its a lieBut it’s enough to make families dieA bond so strongCousins, friends, or coworkersA rumor comes out to commit murderLies. Deceit. Your own fabricationsBitterness and grudges. No communicationNo hearing the storyNo seeking the truthNo understanding one another so weContinue reading “Communication Dies”

Merry Cheetah Christmas!

It’s below a feels like of 20 degreesI’m wearing six layers and can’t feel my feet.The cheetah exhibit is currently barebut the enrichment we have will put Christmas in the airWe’ve presents painted with child-safe paintAnd streaming decorations that hang in your faceA cutout tree all decorated and prettyFitted with a skirt to look niceContinue reading “Merry Cheetah Christmas!”