I’m Nikki, an artist, writer, and pre-published author. This site is where I keep my creative writings, blog posts, and pictures of art that I’ve done. Feel free to take a look around. I hope you enjoy what you find. My creative writings and blogs can be found below. If you want to check out my art gallery or what books I’ve been reading, find those links in the menu in the corner.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

~Richard Bach

Creative Writing

I have developed a lot of different pieces of writing over the years and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you here! Feel free to take a look at any of my works and I hope you find them enjoyable!


To Nuray’s disappointment, the broken bow of the ship didn’t have any more secret surprises. “Perhaps Mini is having better luck,” she muttered to herself. She felt her pack for the three canisters of spoils they discovered below deck. It was too bad that compass wasn’t with them. Nuray swiveled her head to the waterContinue reading “Useless”

Hippo Chat

If you don’t know by now, I work at my local zoo with a variety of different species. One of which is the hippopotamus. One of our tasks as keepers is to give chats about our animals. Basically, you stand in front of your exhibit for about ten minutes talking about your animals. We giveContinue reading “Hippo Chat”

What’s Your Focus?

I would like to share a curious thought that I’ve been carrying for a while. It comes from last week. I had the opportunity to spend a couple days with my extended family at the lake. We had a lot of fun. Did a lot of swimming, played a lot of games, I got toContinue reading “What’s Your Focus?”

All my newer posts and writings are featured on this page. To see anything older, check out the writings option in the menu in the top right corner. If you’re looking for more specific content, check out my categories of written work located beneath my author bio below. I hope you like what you find!

Writer’s Getaway

Step out on a smooth deck, warmed by the sunBreath in the fresh, lake airThe water glistens in the soft morning lightAnd a breeze teases the trees on the shoreNot a motion in sight in this peaceful lake lifeThe world wakes up slowlyYou sit in your chair with coffee in handand smile at a tranquilContinue reading “Writer’s Getaway”

On the Bookshelf

Here’s a question for you. What’s on your bookshelf? I mean, besides the books? If you just have books, what kind are they? Or maybe you don’t even have books on your bookshelf? What do you think what’s on your bookshelf says about you? I have a tall and a short bookshelf in my room.Continue reading “On the Bookshelf”


Life’s description, liquid running cold water, A wet field of play to splash away the day, Cold running water A source of energy a source of refreshment, All life appreciates, Cold running water It crashes, it screams, racing to sea In its depths brings the crushing darkness Cold running water To quench, to extinguish, ToContinue reading “Water”

Everyone has those random thoughts you have throughout the day. Something might be stuck on your chest that you just can’t shake off. Writing helps me shake things off and maybe checking out these random thoughts might help you? Sometimes, we don’t realize that other people can think or feel the same way about a topic that we might think is off the wall.

Picture of You

I’m an artist. Those of you who follow my blog, you know this. I don’t sell any of my work, but I do like to display it. My bedroom walls are covered with artwork that I’ve done whether drawn with pencil, pieced together with paper, done with pastel, or built from wood. I’ve even startedContinue reading “Picture of You”

Take a Deep Breath

Take a deep breath You’re doing great No one can say you’re an honest mistake You try so hard To chase a dream And when you failyou’re the only one who’s mean Beat yourself up over an easy undo Because you have everything to prove And if you’re not perfect, you think you loseYou thinkContinue reading “Take a Deep Breath”

Bathroom Heroes

Writing Prompt: Name three things in your bathroom right now. On the rim of the shower, three brave heroes watch over those who enter the Room of the Bath. When the darkness of lowly thoughts assault privacy, our heroes stand to deflect it with light. No judgement is cast from our heroes and they takeContinue reading “Bathroom Heroes”

Painted Identifiers

Currently, I’m a seasonal keeper at my local zoo and it’s given me the amazing opportunity to learn a lot about different animals. One thing that I absolutely love about animals is that a certain species may all look alike, but they’re all different. They’re all individuals like us humans. We all share the sameContinue reading “Painted Identifiers”

A Leap of Faith

What do you do with a future uncertain?When passion conflicts with stability?When relatives’ judgement is a heavy burden?And robs you of all tranquility? Do you pursue the stable and all the money?Have insurance to cover your back?Then no one can sit and call you a dummyFor the independence they claim you lack Four cold wallsContinue reading “A Leap of Faith”


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Hey, I’m Nikki! I am a nerdy geek who has a passion for writing, drawing, painting, and many other art media. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been crafting stories in my head whether they were original works or fanfictions. Over ten years ago, I started writing a novel and developing my skills as a writer, and, now, that novel is near completion! I do consider myself a Christian writer, but most of my stories are all fantasy and sci-fi based. Read more...