I’m Nikki, an artist, writer, and pre-published author. This site is where I keep my creative writings, blog posts, and pictures of art that I’ve done. Feel free to take a look around. I hope you enjoy what you find. My creative writings and blogs can be found below. If you want to check out my art gallery or what books I’ve been reading, find those links in the menu in the corner.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

~Richard Bach

Creative Writing

I have developed a lot of different pieces of writing over the years and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you here! Feel free to take a look at any of my works and I hope you find them enjoyable!

The Mighty Hippo

I have the wonderful opportunity to work as a seasonal zookeeper at my local zoo! When you’re a zookeeper, people always ask: “What animals do you work with?” Well, at my zoo, I’m a part of a team that cares full a variety of species of animals, but I’m getting trained to help with ourContinue reading “The Mighty Hippo”

Tips from #PhillyWW

Hey everyone! I have the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Philadelphia Writing Workshop this weekend. It’s a two day event, so I just wanted to share my notes from yesterday’s sessions with all my writer friends today. There were quite a few topics discussed, so I’m going to share a few bullets points inContinue reading “Tips from #PhillyWW”

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Everyone has those random thoughts you have throughout the day. Something might be stuck on your chest that you just can’t shake off. Writing helps me shake things off and maybe checking out these random thoughts might help you? Sometimes, we don’t realize that other people can think or feel the same way about a topic that we might think is off the wall.

My Johnny Depp Story

I always found it interesting how one life can make a big impact. It’s like adding or removing a character from a story. You can drastically change the outcome. When it comes to celebrities, they impact a lot of people–millions of people–and they don’t always meet those people. Yes. I’ve been following the Johnny Depp/AmberContinue reading “My Johnny Depp Story”

When a Dream Fades

With a quiet tear,You watch as all you hold dear,Just sighs and falls away. There’s no words to be said,It’s more than in your headAnd you’ve not even the energy to pray. Pray and wonder why?All you can do now is cryAs impossible comes knocking at your door. Perhaps it’s your fault?This dream’s come toContinue reading “When a Dream Fades”

All my newer posts and writings are featured on this page. To see anything older, check out the writings option in the menu in the top right corner. If you’re looking for more specific content, check out my categories of written work located beneath my author bio below. I hope you like what you find!

The Power of Words

If you’ve been following the News this week, you’d know that there’s a trial going on between two famous actors: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Each one is trying to sue the other for millions of dollars. Now, I don’t usually get into drama/political debates, but, honestly, I can relate to this case. My relationContinue reading “The Power of Words”

So Bad

Just the other night, I got to enjoy two episodes of Star Trek; Deep Space Nine. My mom and I watch it together and so far, we’re on season 3. One of the things I love about Star Trek is how it challenges you to think broader. The two episodes I watched the other nightContinue reading “So Bad”

For the Escape Artists.

Playing a game. Casting magic. Exploring.Or reading a book of adventure, not boring. Watching a movie of a place far away,Or writing out demons to keep them at bay. What magic there is to be flying the clouds.And wishing you never have to come down. Be a swordsman, a ranger, a solider in space.Something elseContinue reading “For the Escape Artists.”

The Hour of Doom

This was it, I realized. This is how we die. All our efforts, all our sacrifices, all our near death experiences. They all led down to failure. My friend, Mini the Mouse, is bleeding out at my feet. We were supposed to hold out until Norman the Hedgehog found the Polaris, an ice staff ofContinue reading “The Hour of Doom”

Wow! What a Word Count!

I like to believe every writer struggles with word count. Whether you don’t have quite enough words to fit your genre or you just have WAY too many. For my non-writer friends, allow me to explain: Word count is kind of a big deal in the writing world–especially for debut authors. Agents and publishers wantContinue reading “Wow! What a Word Count!”


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Hey, I’m Nikki! I am a nerdy geek who has a passion for writing, drawing, painting, and many other art media. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been crafting stories in my head whether they were original works or fanfictions. Over ten years ago, I started writing a novel and developing my skills as a writer, and, now, that novel is complete! I’m currently working on finding representation for it and turning my other stories into future novels! I do consider myself a Christian writer, but most of my stories are all fantasy and sci-fi based. Read more...