I’m Nikki, an artist, writer, and pre-published author. This site is where I keep my creative writings, blog posts, and pictures of art that I’ve done. Feel free to take a look around. I hope you enjoy what you find. My creative writings and blogs can be found below. If you want to check out my art gallery or what books I’ve been reading, find those links in the menu in the corner.

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

~Richard Bach

Creative Writing

I have developed a lot of different pieces of writing over the years and I’m so glad to be able to share it with you here! Feel free to take a look at any of my works and I hope you find them enjoyable!

The Light in the Stuck

Do you ever feel stuck? Like you’re in a place you just can’t get out of no matter how much you want too? Whether it’s being stuck at a job, in a relationship, a living space, or just not moving up the “ladder of society?” Maybe you have all these desires and dreams, but youContinue reading “The Light in the Stuck”

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Everyone has those random thoughts you have throughout the day. Something might be stuck on your chest that you just can’t shake off. Writing helps me shake things off and maybe checking out these random thoughts might help you? Sometimes, we don’t realize that other people can think or feel the same way about a topic that we might think is off the wall.

Writing Prompt: On a Quest

Include the following in your story: medieval, derive, corn, daughter, molten, oar, rhythm, ears, antique, yammer. Light was a hazy breath upon the eastern skyline. Colors of royal orange and lily pink tickled the whisping clouds. I lifted my groggy head from the side of the boat. Back and forth, the waves rocked my shipContinue reading “Writing Prompt: On a Quest”

Little Dragon

Little Dragon reading a book Little Dragon enjoying the look Of a story with knightly tales, Where adventure, wonder, and magics hail Engrossed in the story, Little Dragon does fly Over fields, plains, and castles high All the while tucked in bed, Sword battles ring inside his head. Someday, he knows, he’ll have an adventureContinue reading “Little Dragon”

All my newer posts and writings are featured on this page. To see anything older, check out the writings option in the menu in the top right corner. If you’re looking for more specific content, check out my categories of written work located beneath my author bio below. I hope you like what you find!

Why We Care

Something people don’t really think about day to day life at an animal shelter. You come, pick out your animal, and take them home without much thought to their life before their life with you. I work at an animal shelter. It’s my job to take care of the dogs. I clean their kennels, setContinue reading “Why We Care”

To Be Nice

You’d think it would be a given, right? Whenever you meet someone, go to a new place, start a new job, or even when you’re hanging out with a group you’ve hung out with a thousand times, you’d think it would just be a given that people would be nice. However, you have to rememberContinue reading “To Be Nice”

Your Worst Self

Do you know a time when you felt like you were at your worst? Maybe there’s a situation that just brings out the ugliness in you? Turns you into someone you don’t want to be and especially don’t like to be. Maybe you can think of a moment right now. How are you working onContinue reading “Your Worst Self”

Just Stand Up

“Alright, it’s time to go. If we’re going to catch that window, we gotta leave now.” The bacon’s still sizzling when my uncle comes out of the bedroom. My cousin and I are spending the weekend down at my godparents’ lake condo. We just want to relax from daily life, go skiing, boating, the typicalContinue reading “Just Stand Up”

Intelligence Test

Are you ready for some nonsense? Sometimes you need a little to get you through the day. This is the test I took back in 2014. The goal is to get creative. So, let me know how you would answer these questions below: What can you catch on your tongue? A galaxy. Catch a galaxyContinue reading “Intelligence Test”

My Affair

I curl up in your arms every night. You hold me tight, warm touch like firelight. And carry me safely into my dreams. But daylight comes quickly to waken me, And the other screams his jealous protest. To be in your arms I wish to stay, but I’m caught by the other that gets meContinue reading “My Affair”


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About Me

Hey, I’m Nikki! I am a nerdy geek who has a passion for writing, drawing, painting, and many other art media. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been crafting stories in my head whether they were original works or fanfictions. Over ten years ago, I started writing a novel and developing my skills as a writer, and, now, that novel is complete! I’m currently working on finding representation for it and turning my other stories into future novels! I do consider myself a Christian writer, but most of my stories are all fantasy and sci-fi based. Read more...