Skeletons in the Closet

A lot of people out there have hobbies of collecting things. Maybe its some sort of card? Pokemon cards, baseball cards, Magic cards? Maybe you collect bottle caps? Bobbleheads? Snow globes? Hats? Or something else. Some collections, society wouldn’t define as weird like some of the things I’ve already listed. Other things we might keepContinue reading “Skeletons in the Closet”

The Anxiety in the Query

It’s all typed up. You’ve gone through this a least a hundred times before. The query letter, the pitch, similar books, your bio. By now you’ve got them all saved on a word document, so it’s just a quick copy and paste with a few edits here and there to personalize it for every agent.Continue reading “The Anxiety in the Query”

Favorite Christmas Tale

There are many, MANY stories that revolve around Christmas. There’s the one the started it all: the Birth of Christ, then there are the ones that are created from the season itself: Hallmark movies, children’s stories, and even tales of your own family Christmases. So, other than the Birth of Christ (because I know aContinue reading “Favorite Christmas Tale”