A Day in the Life: Chimp Zookeeper

Temperature: High of 85. Low of 71. Chimps can be locked out on exhibit all day. Two keepers are required to work the building and check locks for shifting. Today’s keepers: Vicky and Nikki Morning team meeting provided the following updates for chimp building: chimpanzee Bao is still on antibiotics to help heal a woundContinue reading “A Day in the Life: Chimp Zookeeper”

The True Ending: Nuray Solana

It all came to down to this. All the bandits and necromancers, politics and pirates, leviathans and abominations. It led us here. My feathers are quaking. My heart is racing. A field of burning sand stretches out before us and at the end of it is the elemental. The primordial being of fire itself standsContinue reading “The True Ending: Nuray Solana”