The Birth of a Site Blog Post

Wow! Designing and completing this site was quite the venture for me! Like most people, I didn’t actually watch the WordPress tutorials for crafting a website. I figured: “how hard could it be?” Well, for my lacking computer skills, it was harder than I thought. WordPress advertises that you can get a website going in just 30 mins! That’s awesome if you’re not a perfectionist like me who has a lot they want to add to a site (I’ve been working on this thing for a couple days now). I guess it all comes down to a mindset of you gotta edit while you go. I don’t have the pictures that I want on here yet (I don’t even have a good enough picture of myself to share, but I’m slowly figuring it out and I’m pretty excited for what this site can become. The goal of this site is to build by author platform. I want to be a published author and write a plethora of novels for people to enjoy, so I need something to catch the eye of those awesome agents out there. Hopefully, this site will grow into a collection of my different works. Please, be patient while I work out the kinks, and hey, if you stick around long enough you might be able to say you were an original follower of this sight should it become successful.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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