Writing Prompt: First Love

Include the following in your story: dog walker, observe, frightful, broken, curvy, wooden, violet, rabbit, stamp, maze.

He has eyes of deep hazel and a sure, sturdy face. He walks with confidence and ambition like an alpha leading a rabbit hunt. The maze of the workplace didn’t phase him, didn’t make him frightful or broken like the others. He’s always watching, always listening, and his thoughts hide behind a mask. Every move you make, every intention you might have, he’s ready to observe. Maybe that’s why he’s so intriguing? So mysterious, this one named Moon.

There’s nothing romantic about our meeting. No violet-colored sunset, no twinkling of the stars. A dog walker passed by and there he was, roaming like a curvy, savvy pirate ready to explore the land. He didn’t notice me. He didn’t even turn my way, but I’ve got that memory stamped in my mind to this day.

The next few weeks were hard on me the most. He didn’t like me to start. He made it clear in his stares and even pushed me away at my welcoming. It hurt more than it should have. He’s certainly no one to cry about and there’s plenty other apples among the bunch, but he intrigued me, and I didn’t want to give up on him.

Over time, he opened up and came around. We’d go on walks, I’d prepare dinner, and I saw how sweet this alpha could be. He welcomed my touch and wanted to hold me close. It warms my heart to know he cares. Eventually, I gave in and welcomed him to my home. We lay together every night and those eyes that once stared so offensively now look on me with love and excitement. We still go on walks, he guards me from others, then at home its up on the wooden-framed couch for down time. He kisses me with his tongue and lays his head on my lap. Sometimes, I stroke his fur until we fall asleep. Just me, and my best dog Moon.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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