Swamped. A marsh thick with swirling fog overhead, weighing down rest and trailing weary.
Wet. The water, the muck, and the bog that tears and pulls at your feet.
Tall rooted trees extend above, green and luscious casting shadows upon you.
Where is the light that needs to shine through?

Duty. A job to be done, muscles to be beaten, broken.
Continue day in and out.
Work hard, smile, sturdy, get up early, take no rest.
A disciplined warrior, always vigilant, always watching.
Never break. Never late. Who gains from being lazy?

Silent. A shadow in the day, unnoticeable, unwanted.
Blending with the black mist, hidden from all the world.
A dream only protrayed within the head.
No matter the rock, the leaves, the twigs.
Silence. Quiet as a predator pouncing on prey.
Who can become a shade among light?

Dreamer. Swirling in the mind like leaves in the wind.
To be what isn’t. To gain what can’t be achieved.
Danger, adventure, glory, and honor. Fantasy leading the charge.
What can be? What could’ve been? What wished could happen?
Alive in the mind. Fly free. Swim the seas. Race through the empty space.
See beyond the reality.
Where is the dream that can be attained?

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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