Writing Prompt: The Middle

Writing about the middle of something, anything!

Have you read the middle of my book? Probably not, but–not to toot my own horn–it’s pretty good!

A journey begins after a crimson dawn. One young man itching for a shot to prove himself, to make up for his by-standing. He faces his first real challenged and…well…isn’t very helpful. He gets credit for trying though, right? He’s trying SO hard to prove he’s not useless, to prove that the people’s faith isn’t in vain. I mean, he’s been told all his life to get out of the house. Go be someone else’s problem. Get away before you make a mess. You’re not wanted here. So, when he’s given the shot to be someone, he’s gonna take it! But he keeps making mistakes. Every shot to prove himself winds up slipping through his grasp. All he did was stand by, this other person saved the day first, and he couldn’t even stop them from taking what he needed.

Everything on this journey will be new to him and he’ll never admit that he’s scared to do it alone. At every mistake, he gets back up. He keeps trying again and again. Not because his pride is on the line (or perhaps he’s just too stubborn to stay down), but because his loved ones need him to succeed. So, the middle is the start and he heads off at full gallop.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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