Writing Prompt: New Invention

What’s something you would like to see invented that would make your life easier?

To all you writers, tinkers, and theorists out there: have you ever had a moment where you had the perfect phrasing for a story, essay, or any other project of yours and yet you couldn’t get that phrasing down because you didn’t have a pen, paper, journal, phone, or any other device to copy that phrasing upon? And when you finally get the chance to write it down, its stolen from your mind like a thief in the night? How many perfect scenes or character descriptions have you lost just because you couldn’t write it down fast enough? Well, you’ve no need to lose any more, my friends, because writers, I have GOOD NEWS for you!

All of us here at Mind’s Hallway Industries have a developed what we’re proudly calling: the Writer’s Buddy 3000. If you’re comfortable wearing earbuds, you’ll enjoy the Writer’s Buddy! You just need to slip it on your ear and start the creative processes in your mind! The Writer’s Buddy connects to your personal laptop or other device and while you’re daydreaming away, it will transcribe your thoughts onto a Word Document! You could write your story, essay, or other work wherever you are! Writing has never been easier!

What’s more is that the Writer’s Buddy 3000 is also waterproof! So, you could wear it in the shower–where you do your best thinking–and all those creative thoughts of yours will be recorded on your own computer! No more of your amazing work would be washed down the drain!

For safety reasons, the Writer’s Buddy 3000 only connects to one computer and it’s entirely hack proof! The Writer’s Buddy also does not have a self storage so none of your thoughts will remain on it. Meaning, if you ever lose it or it gets stolen, no one will be able to steal your work! (Mind’s Hallway industries is not responsible for the theft of devices connected to any Writer’s Buddy 3000s).

So if you’re tired of thinking of the perfect wording for your project and then losing it by the time you get the chance to write it down, you need the Writer’s Buddy 3000! Supplies are limited so order yours TODAY!

*Disclaimer: The Writer’s Buddy 3000 and Mind’s Hallway Industries are fictional creations and do not actually exist (as awesome as it would be if they did). Best of luck to all you writers out there who come up with the perfect phrasing and struggle to remember it word for word by the time you can write it down. You’re not alone.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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