“Uh-Oh,” the author cried as she starts her laptop up.
“I’ve got nothing on the inside. How can I sum this up?”
“There’s no words, there’s no post.”
“I need something or I’m toast.”

“Maybe a story? Maybe a thought?”
“Or that prompt that I just bought?”
“Something to keep the site alive.”
“Something to keep readers in place.”
“I’ll write something with a jive?”
“I’ll try and pick up my pace?”

“But my head hurts against this desk.”
“Nothing is jogged. It’s all a mess!”
“So, I’ll throw out a cute little rhyme.”
“Something to help me buy some time.”

“Time for dreams. Time for thoughts.”
“Time for stories never forgot.”
“Then when passion arrives once more,”
“nothing will seal this mind’s door.”
“My fingers will fly. My heart will soar.”
“All for my characters’ deep rooted lore.”

“Life is a bustle that distracts and screams.”
“But nothing is going to kill my dream.”
“I’ll write again, something more clever.”
“Something much longer than this little letter.”

“I’ve got an idea! Something fantastic!”
“Or maybe it’s just a little bit drastic?”
“One way to know, so here I go.”
“I just hope I have something good to show.”

The author turns to the audience and gives a sheepish grin.
“I really hope you come back again.”
“Thanks for your patience. Thanks for your ear.”
“Thank you for clicking on this site right here.”

“Whether just one reader, ten, or one-hundred.”
“It’s quite enough to make me feel talented.”
“But it’s been a busy week and I don’t know what to say.”
“I surely don’t want that to turn you away.”

“I’ve got many ideas, but no time to write.”
“I’ve got thoughts, and poems, and tales of great blight.”
“But you know the drill: groceries, work, and the bills.”
“The time for talents is off in the hills.”

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not ending this scene.”
“I just need a moment to think a few things.”
“So, thanks again. Thanks for your time.”
“I’ll cease your suffering and finally end this rhyme.”

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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