Heat radiating and raging harshly.
Destruction everywhere.
The flames licked the trees, the leafs, and the life away.
Devastation reigned in fiery chaos. 

Blackened ashes rise, dead.
Roaring coals rocketed from the flames,
Spreading the destruction across its wake.
Faster and faster life perishes.

Flee! Habitants, the forest drops defeated!
Run for water, run for cover, run for your very lives!
There is no mercy in a wildfire, only the cowards do survive.
For the brave who go for fallen mates, must endure the rage again.

The sky darkens from smoke and mournful clouds,
Who drop their tears down on the land.
Such tenderness, such kindness, the fire screams in agony,
With the water from the heavens the healing finally begins.

Barren, broken, and black the forest mourns with the sky.
Homes have been lost along with lives, charred and ruined by a simple match.
The fire those humans forgot to put out, broke down the forest with its eternal rage.
Though covered with ashes and blackened to bits, life begins anew.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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