Writing Prompt: Thief of Slumber

What keeps you from a good night’s sleep?

A lingering whisper creeps into your mind. Your worst fears paint it’s breath. A scenario. A situation. A “what if” that could happen. You’re not good enough. Not pretty enough. Not enough to be a precious life. The monster isn’t under your bed or in the closet. It’s hidden deep inside your mind. Sweet whispers quicken your fear. Your ribs rattle and you toss and turn. There’s no way out. No hope of dawn. Or sleep to ease your terror. You’re a fool! You’re a fraud! You’re behind in every area! The monster is relentless, cruel, and unforgiving. It doesn’t care if your day was good or bad. It doesn’t care your degree or place in life. It will crush hope where it can! Like a lion stalking it’s prey, it creeps upon you, but it’s mighty roar is a stealthy whisper. A single whisper to take root and hold and in the shadows it festers to grow. Grow into your mind and every part of your life until you’re too exhausted to fight. To see you crumble is it’s desire. To swallow you whole that you can’t get away and you allow the monster to win the day.

But it’s whispers are lies and nothing more. It’s only weapon to even the score. You are stronger. You are beautiful. And more importantly, you have soul. A light within the monster fears. There’s no need to shed any tears. When you shine bright and guard your heart. You’ll find that the monster was only the Dark.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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