Little Dragon

Little Dragon reading a book

Little Dragon enjoying the look

Of a story with knightly tales,

Where adventure, wonder, and magics hail

Engrossed in the story, Little Dragon does fly

Over fields, plains, and castles high

All the while tucked in bed,

Sword battles ring inside his head.

Someday, he knows, he’ll have an adventure

All on his own and exploring nature.

He’ll battle monsters and save princesses

And do absolutely anything he wishes!

But others openly do not approve.

Like his father, so grumpy and rude.

“Dragons can’t be knights! We eat them instead!”

“We kidnap the princesses and bake them in bread!”

“No more foolish motions! Drop them outright!

“A dragon could never be an honorable knight!”

Hiding under the covers of his bed,

Tears rain down from Little Dragon’s head.

He could save a princess. He could be brave.

He’d be called a hero for saving the day!

But dragons are vicious and dragons are mean,

And dragons only cause people to scream.

Why must he be different? Why must he know,

About knightly heroes and tales long ago?

He looks at his book and picks it right up.

To raise it and throw it with a mighty chuck.

But it sticks to his hand. He can’t let it go.

He can’t lose the dream that he loves so.

He sits on his bed and hugs his book tight.

And his whimpers carry through the night.

“Little Dragon, dear, tell me what is wrong?”

His mother comes in with voice like a song.

Little Dragon sniffles and just shakes his head.

So his mother sits down right next to his bed.

“Little Dragon, don’t cry. There’s no need to worry.”

She points to his book. “Tell me what’s in your story?”

“Horrible dragons doing horrible things,”

Little Dragon says, whimpering.

“Dragons are villains and dragons are cruel.”

“Why must I be the one to break this rule?”

“Nobody likes me. Not even father.”

“I’m just too different. Why should I bother?”

His mother sits up to set him in her lap,

and she gently starts rubbing his back.

“Little Dragon, dear, I wish you could see,”

“It’s okay to be different. It’s what the world needs.”

“Who are we to bake princesses in bread?”

“Or lay bones of knights along our beds?”

“The world needs a heart as brave as yours,”

“To bring about the right kind of change, of course.”

His mother taps him right there on the nose.

“I know you can do it. Don’t you suppose?”

Little Dragon looks back down at his book.

And furrows his brow with a quizzical look.

Maybe she was right? Maybe he should listen?

And bring about change so the world could glisten,

With hope and heart and fear no more.

Where dragons are heroes down in their core.

“I’ll be all alone,” Little Dragon sighs. “How will I make them see?”

“With actions, my dear,” his mother says sweetly.

“Be righteous and noble, with heart so true.”

“That no one would dare call you rude.”

“Don’t act the part, just be a knight.”

“Do it now while the time is right.”

“Others will follow, eventually, you’ll see.”

“You’ll be the dragon who changed history!”

Little Dragon smiles and is inspired once more.

“I’ll be the one to write my own lore!”

He jumps on his bed and holds his book like a sword.

“I’ll be a knight all can adore!”

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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