Tribute to the Shelter Pet

Thursday was a very special day for animal shelters everywhere. It’s something called “Remember Me Thursday.And it’s a special day where we remember and honor the lives of animals who didn’t make it out of the shelter. Animals who were euthanized for behavior reasons or medical reasons. Animals who never found their forever home and family. In their memory, I wrote this poem.

With every tear and every drop,
My heart just wants to stop.
To care so deeply and try so hard
For it not be enough at the flip of a card.
Your life cut short. You’ve gone away.
The rainbow bridge won’t let you stay.
How is fair that others have
hundreds of days to escape the sad?
Yet, yet the bites are too much, a condemnation.
There’s nothing to be done. No way for redemption.
Surely, you were just excited. It wasn’t your fault.
You just wanted a home to treasure like a vault.
But who out there wants a dog with history

That no training could hide or make mystery.
But what family, I think, just lost their chance
to fall in love with you at first glance.
To brush your soft fur and give you attention.
And make you the center of all their affection.
How many more, like you, never got to see
a home to belong and be carefree?
No more stress, no more shelter, no more behavior mods.
Just hugs and pets and fetch on the sod.
If I had my way, you’d all go home.
And no one’s heart would be turned to stone.
So, here’s to the animals who never found
The greatest place to be around.
Not the shelter, not the pound, or any other calamity.
Here’s to those who didn’t get a family.

Each pawprint here is a dog whose story I’ve been a part of since my time working at a shelter. There are more dogs that we’ve lost than the ones featured in this photo. Each one were amazing and sweet canines who lost the battle against shelter stress. Only a few were put down for medical reasons.

The dog featured in this post was named Nelly. She had a lot of energy and a hard mouth that ended her on a bite hold. She loved to be loved and play with stuffed toys. She and another dog named Penelope were euthanized on 9/22/2021. A day before Remember Me Thursday.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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