Writing Project: Not According to Plan

I’d like to share a writing project I once wrote in 2013. I’m not entirely sure the details of the project anymore, but I like to think it’s a pretty good story!

A gun, a shot, a rope, a chaos of confusion, my buddies and I had it all planned out. Buy the masks, steal the van, borrow the guns, and rob the bank shooting as little as possible. Ed was the driver, Buster and Mac the force, and I was the skinny hide that grabbed all the money. We barged in the place, barred the doors, and before long we were tied with ropes. The security guard was already dead, the people were already on the floor, and the money was moving out of the vaults. I had raised my gun at the other robbers when two came from behind us, Buster and Mac were knocked out cold, and I was tied and shoved to the floor. They looked like professionals, but I wasn’t going to let that keep me from getting the money I was so bent on stealing. Using the knife in my back pocket I discreetly cut myself free. The professionals left my gun on one of bank teller desks; they were too focused on the people trying to call 911 to care about a twig-man like me.

               Once free, I slowly started toward the gun, acting as it I was trying to get to Buster and Mac while still tied up. The professionals shouted to each other, rushing each other; the big one was threatening to kill a citizen—I was ready to lay a bunch of lead into him. I jumped up to get the gun right as the big guy looked at me. Like a Texas standoff I shot the muscle out of him. People screamed. His buddies went for or raised their weapons, but I’m a war veteran, angry and poor. I took them out, one shot each. When the last one hit the ground I dropped my gun, I could hear the sirens coming from outside. Taking off my mask and throwing it to the ground I unbarred the doors to meet the police. They raised their guns but a quick flash of my badge put them to rest. I quickly explained the situation to the detective, warned him about my buddies still knocked out in the bank and listed the number of hostages and dead-heads. The undercover operation wasn’t perfect, but it got the professionals caught.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

One thought on “Writing Project: Not According to Plan

  1. It’s a great story. But I like what you write today compared to what you wrote in this specific writing. You have come a long way in your writing. Keep it up you’ll get your dream.

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