A Voice to Choose

My heart is heavy
The journey weighs
The strength of dreams slowly wanes
Such majesty, such wonder from
a story they say is too long
A new edit. A new improvement
But word count restricts it’s movement.
A daunting task. An impossible request
To satisfy this yearning inside my chest.
“give up” sweet whispers inside my ear
“there’s too much to do. There’s nothing but fear”
“fear of rejection. Fear of not completing”
“this dream that keeps my heart beating”
I could give the whispers just what they want
And lay down in the dirt while they just flaunt
Their victory with jibes and mocking.
They take from me and just start locking
My hopes and dreams in a box so tight
That nothing could escape it’s might.
Then sturdy logic chimes in, asks “what is the point?”
“give up now and you’ll never rejoice.”
“when the future does come and the chance to see”
“of holding, for yourself, your great story”
“a plan is in motion. Just take heart,”
“nothing can tear the King’s plans apart.”
“remember a quote, you, yourself made”
“from an outtake of how long you would wait.”
“a character wants relations, but you want your victory.”
“and you said you’d wait through all eternity.”
“so write on and write well”
“and take joy when you spell,”
“out character troubles and character background”
“and characters fighting straight on the battleground”
Your skill doesn’t matter. Just write on the page”
“then edit, and revise, and constantly upgrade.”
“The dream will come true. Be patient, believe.”
“all it takes is faith, you see.”
So, I’ll choose the voice of hope and reason
And keep writing through every season.
And when the whispers return to say I’m not enough
I’ll remember that faith always calls their bluff.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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