Christmas at the Animal Shelter

Tis the season of joy. Of family gathered ’round.
The season of Christmas and–hopefully–snow on the ground.
We all have our traditions of laughter and fun.
That center around family, as warm as the sun.
Tis also the season, you think for a minute.
You want to extend your family a bit.
For the kids, for yourself, for whatever the reason.
You want something furry to add to this season.
A playful pup, or a tiny cat?
Maybe a hamster, a gerbil, or even a rat?
Many animals out there, they for a home.
So warm and cozy and all their own.
What a wonderful thing for an animal to find
A family who loves them all of the time.
The shelter is lonely and all boxed in.
When they go home, it’s a major win!
Yet, not every family is a perfect fit.
You shouldn’t adopt if you can’t commit.
A tiny puppy becomes a senior dog.
Who needs treatment and vaccines all the year long.
They don’t deserve the hope of a home
Only to be returned or left alone.
It’s surprising how most would come believe:
Better to be at home during this season of glee.
But when the season is over, their hearts are broken.
When you leave them at the shelter like a misplaced token.
You freed them! You’ve bonded! They want nothing but to please you!
And when you leave them, they turn a sad shade of blue.
If you can’t commit and take care of their needs.
Leave to shelter staff, they’ll take the lead.
It may be sad to think they’re all alone
During Christmas time, without a home.
But the shelter staff will take care of them right.
Every dog gets a present to last through the night.
Such love they’ll feel on Christmas Day,
From the staff that shows it in their special way.
Until the day they go home from then to forever,
Every moment with them, staff does treasure.
So, please, don’t adopt unless you’re legit.
For an animal’s love is completely worth it.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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