Oh, To Be…

Oh, to be needed.
Oh, to be wanted.
Oh, to be something valued and spotted.
But, not to be, and in misery
Not a treasured part of the team.

Built frustration.
Lost connection.
Everyone keeps you in isolation.
Who to reach out? Who to care?
Who to stop you from losing air?

There’s complaint.
There’s discontent.
There’s a talking to that makes you feel spent.

What effort do you give?
Should you correct yourself?
Should you do better despite what you felt?
What about them? Why should it be you?
To bridge the gap with sticky glue.

What’s the point?
You disappoint.
Too much learned behavior you can’t exploit.
Try if you’d like. See how it goes.
Perhaps the chaos can turn into a rose?

Humble the shame. See what you need.
And apologize for slamming things.
Take a breath. Look ahead.
And grow into what your God intends.

Every hardship.
Every trip.
Is there to be sure that you’re equipped.
Every darkness can have redemption.
There’s nothing that is an exception.

Let floodgates open.
Let truth spill out.
Go beyond and past the doubt.
And someday you’ll be what is intended.

To be needed.
Valued and spotted.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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