The Life of a Writer

Awesome! I have some free time!
I’m going to pump out 30 pages!
*Gets distracted by Facebook chime.*
*Ends up scrolling for ages.*
Hm…There’s still time left.
I can break out the pens
Reviewing old scenes will renew my deft.
But what now that I’m at the end?
Stare at the blank space at the bottom of the page.
Does this sound right? Maybe it shouldn’t stay?
Maybe there’s a better way to write this scene?
If I write it and change it and write it again?
Oh good grief! It’s never going to end!
Who am I kidding? This story’s going nowhere!
I give up! I quit! There’s no point out there!
But I do love that scene and that action there is GOOD.
And let’s not forget the love that should but never could.
I’ll write a word. Some dialogue. A sentence or two.
Wow! Look at that! A paragraph just grew!
Let’s amp up the torture. What pain can I cause,
To my beloved character by displaying his flaws.
It’s not thirty pages, but there’s something there.
Some progress. A step forward–even if just by a hair.
This is good! I’m satisfied. Let’s take a break.
Wouldn’t want to keep going and make a mistake.
I hope I get more free time soon.
So I can exceed my expectations!
I’ll write from here to the moon!
But first and foremost. Before I forget.
I’ll silence notifications so my hours don’t get spent.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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