Movie Review: Encanto

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My writing prompt this week asked me to write a review about the last movie I saw. Well, that would be Disney’s Encanto–which shouldn’t be a surprise given I love Disney movies. I’ve probably seen Encanto five times since it came out and I would like to share why.

Encanto is fun, exciting, visually stunning, has an awesome soundtrack, is full of unique characters and the tiniest details, and my favorite part of Encanto is that it’s relatable. There’s a song for each person whether you feel pressured or expected to be perfect or you just wish someone would grant you a miracle, but it’s also relatable in the sense of family dynamic. The whole story is about one incredibly gifted family and the main character, Mirabel, is the only one who doesn’t have a gift. So she’s surrounded by people who can do amazing things for the family and their community and she can’t do any of that stuff. Her family doesn’t recognize her that much since she doesn’t have a gift and they even forget her in a family photo.

That sucks, right? Being forgotten by your family because you’re not as talented as everyone else. You can’t do these amazing feats or have all these accomplishments so you end up stuck on the side. No one sees your worth because you’re outshined by everyone else.

That. Right there is what is so relatable to me. Like I said, I come from a large family. I have a BUNCH of cousins who have accomplished some extraordinary things and when everyone gets together, it’s those things that are highlighted. They deserve it! Don’t get me wrong! Like Mirabel, I’m proud of my family and I’m happy to be a part of it. I believe Disney’s Encanto does a fantastic job of getting to the heart of family dynamic and how view of it can get skewed, but there’s always a chance to rebuild on a new foundation.

If you haven’t seen Encanto, I strongly recommend it. Likely, you’ll relate to something in it and when you do, I dare you to take a look at your family and see how you can make things better.

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