Writing Prompt: A Fairy Tale in a Faraway Land

Include the following in your story: dragon, strike, collection, guess, joke, smirk, twist, upstage, wreck, beaver

Night was setting in the village of Tree Garden and Willowtrix feared he was going to be late. He flew through the twist of trees that made the village, acorn lamps lit the branching roads. Willowtrix’s destination was Alderwood’s hollow and the thickest tree in the village. The old fairy often told his stories at sunset and Willowtrix loved every one. Most fairies thought Alderwood’s stories were a joke. They strike with degrading words and scorn Alderwood’s imaginative collection. Willowtrix liked to guess that the others were just jealous. No one told stories better than Alderwood and Willowtrix wanted to be just like him.

Willowtrix couldn’t stop the smirk on his face when he landed at Alderwood’s hollow. Fairies of all colors were gathered to hear tonight’s story. Willowtrix was thankful Alderwood hadn’t started yet, but his brown skin flushed when he realized it was mostly children years younger than him gathered about the front.

“I hope tonight’s story has a dragon in it!” Willowtrix over heard a couple children speaking. “One to wreck a castle!”

“I hope it’s about a princess!” A little girl swooned. “One who gets swept away by a romantic prince!”

Willowtrix chuckled to himself as he found a seat inside the hollow. Whatever the story was about tonight, he knew it would be good!

“Glad you can make it.” The older fairy Willowtrix sat next to smile at him. It was Lakelight. She always brought her son to hear the stories. “I think Alderwood hasn’t started yet because he was waiting for you.”

“I’m honored.” Willowtrix smiled, but he didn’t say anymore as the lights focused on stage at the far end of the hollow. Alderwood slowly walked forward, his wings hanging down with age. When he stepped up to his podium, he quietly scanned the room and Willowtrix swelled when Alderwood’s gaze rested upon him. The old fairy smiled and cleared his throat. “Once upon a time, there was a beaver…”

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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