Let Me Go

I know when I’m not wanted. I know when I’m in the way. I know when my value is stolen away.

Have your fun. Have your win. Let me have a fresh chance to begin.

Something new and away from you. Away from the drama that you all brew.

My business is my own. Not for those I can’t trust. So let me go without a fuss.

I’m clearly the problem, so I’ll step away. It’s too bad you wouldn’t be able to handle what I’d say.

What I’d say about you. If you want the truth. I’d say what you do and I do have proof.

Yet, I’ll just walk out. What good would it do? You’ve made up your mind and I have too.

You can’t be trusted and I won’t be heard. You’ve stolen the field like a horde of black birds.

Let me walk out quietly. Let me take my peace. Everything’s left for you to receive.

May you achieve all your dreams without all your schemes.

May you focus on others instead of ambitions, but I know, for you, that’s a tough mission.

May you grow and learn and lead with pride and toughen up your tender hide.

That’s all I’ll say. You couldn’t handle more. And I’ll see myself right out the door.

I’ll go quietly and without a fuss. Just know that you and yours have lost my trust.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

3 thoughts on “Let Me Go

    1. Very well said. I love the way you share people’s thoughts so that others can see that they are not the only one that goes through what you wrote about. Like some of your others posts ( I Love You, Oh to Be, An Empty Chair, etc.). You put into words what others are not able too. They can read yours and say, “Yah, that is what I am feeling” and it helps them breath again. I have been there (as you know) and you do that for me.

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