Trusty, Old, Page

Every writer hurts.
Every writer cries.
Many writers don’t know how to speak why.
When emotions boil up.
The valve is under pressure.
You can’t give a word and hold it all together.
If you can’t speak and you can’t explain.
Just turn to the one thing to help you maintain
A calm and maturity similar to a sage
That dependable, reliable, old friend: the page.
A single blank page. No judgement it casts.
To bear all your burdens and you don’t have to ask.
Write it all down: the emotions, the rage.
It can handle it all, that trusty, old page.
Shed tears. Scream anger. Grind in the words.
In written form and not to be heard.
Keep it in shadow. Not to see the light of day.
Or share it to others who relate in a way.
Regardless, there is one thing for certain.
Leave it there. Don’t let it be a burden.
Leave the emotions, the hurt, sorrow, and distrust.
Right there on the page. This is a must!
Walk away free from the anger you shed.
Walk away free to try trusting again.
Leave it on the page and worry no more.
Leave it there to not corrupt your core.
Every writer has struggles they need to get out.
Every writer knows without a doubt.
When troubles come to bring boils and rage.
Every writer can depend on that trusty, old page.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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