When a Dream Fades

With a quiet tear,
You watch as all you hold dear,
Just sighs and falls away.

There’s no words to be said,
It’s more than in your head
And you’ve not even the energy to pray.

Pray and wonder why?
All you can do now is cry
As impossible comes knocking at your door.

Perhaps it’s your fault?
This dream’s come to a halt.
and put your heart at war.

All things have a purpose,
But is it really worth it?
This pain you have to endure.

All you ever wanted.
Now snatched, cursed, and haunted.
Where at once, all was so pure.

But love is never wrong.
It provides what makes us strong.
And you’ll realize in the end.

The dream had meaning.
Even without the weaning.
And in love’s hand you’ll mend.

Let your heart grieve.
But never believe.
That this was all your fault.

A plan is in place.
Have hope! Have faith!
Love keeps you safe like a vault.

Some day. Some time.
You’ll be out of the grime
And take your stand once more.

For even faded dreams,
Despite evil’s schemes,
Can be given the chance to soar.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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