A Leap of Faith

What do you do with a future uncertain?
When passion conflicts with stability?
When relatives’ judgement is a heavy burden?
And robs you of all tranquility?

Do you pursue the stable and all the money?
Have insurance to cover your back?
Then no one can sit and call you a dummy
For the independence they claim you lack

Four cold walls that box you in
In a place they call so noble
Four cold walls to help you begin
Not embarrassing them at their socials

But passion’s a freedom with all types of space
With plenty of new ways to learn
There’s adventure and wonder and a brand new pace
It’s a dream that makes you yearn

Temporary settles passion one season
but where is the stability?
A fuller place offers good reason
but avoids your favorability

Opinions of others weigh the scales
Most favor sensibility
You’re far too old to set your sails
On a dream without profitability

But one farther down on passion’s dirt road
Gives you a bit of advice
“You’ve got what it takes. You can carry the load
I don’t even have to think twice.”

“You’re quite right, the uncertain is scary
But let me tell you just in case
Despite everything contrary
All it takes is a leap of faith”

So, settling passion just for a season
Could grow to something more
The risk is justified for that reason
You feel it in your core

So, don’t mind the judgement. Don’t mind the instability
Your passion’s where you belong.
Then, when comes an availability
No one can say you were wrong.

So, with a deep breath, you prep for the jump
You know you have a solid base
No longer will you be stuck in a slump
You’re ready for that leap of faith

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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