Bathroom Heroes

Writing Prompt: Name three things in your bathroom right now.

On the rim of the shower, three brave heroes watch over those who enter the Room of the Bath. When the darkness of lowly thoughts assault privacy, our heroes stand to deflect it with light. No judgement is cast from our heroes and they take their job with pride!

Lucky, the Yellow Rubber Duck, stands as the leader of our valiant trio. He is quick! He is observant! And, he is thoughtful in his decisions. Lucky has the power of sunshine! His brilliant light is warm and banishes the shadows of darkness! None need to fear the cold when Lucky is in the room!

Up-beat, bubbly, and dangerously chatty, the second member of our trio is Pinky, the Pink Rubber Duck! She always has an encouraging word on her tongue and can even talk the shampoo off the shelf! Pinky will happily talk out your problems and give you the strength to fight your own battles of the mind. If ever you need a friend, Pinky is the one to call.

The final, but never the last, member of our trio is Blueberry, the Blue Rubber Duck and older brother to Pinky. Blueberry’s chill vibes bring a sense of calm to the air. He is the best swimmer on the team and its speculated he can control the water itself! Blueberry is the best buddy to float the river with. Not even shadows can stress him out! He’s the chill-est of all dudes!

Honor to you noble ducks for battling the distress of the mind with your bright colors! All who may enter the Room of the Bath need not fear the shallows of loneliness or the grays of the mundane. Keep on fighting and never lose your courage! Your service is never in vane and our gratitude never expressed enough!

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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