Beat You Up

One word or slip up
Or forgot something to do
You don’t beat up
Because you did it too
Still learning the routine
All ins, outs, and true
Grace is the new mean
When learning something new
Yet, a mistake weighs the heart
A wrong word, something unsaid
A missed spot or observation
It leaves your day filled with dread
You should be better than this
You can’t make mistakes
And cause people to hiss
The mind is weighed by molehills
You panic and try to please
But your joyful soul it kills
And you’re left rotting in weeds
Something you thought was nothing
Was a major mistake
You find yourself trembling
In the wake it creates
Others move on
A new day. New grace
But you hold on
To the tears on your face
You wait for a lash out
Someone to strike the first blow
Walk on eggshells and grout
Speak carefully and slow
Yet, no one throws the punch
You believe you deserve
They move on without a hunch
The audacity. The nerve.
With no one else to do it
You dwell in your thoughts
On yourself, you spit
And fire your shots
Everyone is kind
Treating you like a pup
But the mistake blinds your mind
And you beat yourself up

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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