I’m so excited to celebrate the fact that this is my 200th post! For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been posting on this website twice a week since October 14th, 2020. It’s been an incredible ride and I plan on keeping it going. All the poems, animal facts, stories, victories and defeats. There’s been something to learn through it all and I hope all my amazing followers out there have enjoyed every bit of it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll get 200 more posts out in the next two years? Maybe I’ll get my novel out too?

Now, it’s your turn, my friends. I’d love to hear back from you about these 200 posts on my website. Do you have a favorite story? Favorite poem? Have you learned from the writing tips or love the animal facts? Did you read something that changed your perspective? Made you laugh or cry? What was the post that stood out to you? You don’t have to remember all 200, but I hope there’s at least one that you carry with you. Maybe you don’t read my posts and just enjoy the art that I create? That works too. You can comment your thoughts here on the website, or my Twitter or Facebook pages. If you need a refresher on my posts, check out the Written Work section at the bottom of the Home page. All of my writings are split up into categories so you can quickly scroll through.

Thanks so much for celebrating my 200th post with me and to my followers for sticking with me through the past couple years. Hopefully, we’ll have many more posts and years together moving forward!

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

2 thoughts on “200!!!

  1. Wow 200! There are so many I really enjoyed. They were all at good. I actually have a few I am still wanting to read. I like the variety, Animals, Random Thoughts, stories and more. Right now the one that still stands out to me is Tales from a Renaissance Fair. It was so fun reading your experience there through your thoughts. Being there in a different way then just observing and shopping but being a part of it. I really look forward to reading more of your writings.

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