A Bench at Ren Fest

Have you ever took a moment at a Renaissance fair to find a bench with a view?
Have you ever just paused and gazed at the people all around you?
Sitting at a bench at the Ren Fest, watching the passers go by
Its there that you can just let your imagination fly.
Children run pass with toy swords in hand, hacking and swinging at each other
Maybe someday, they’ll be knights or soldiers–to the great distain of their mothers
Some rugged men, a band of mercenaries, call out as they raise their ales
Perhaps they’re celebrating the victory of a monster they just impaled
Then the village madman hobbles down the street, hackling and chackling at all he meets.
A dark hooded figure stands in a corner, staring out at all he sees
Perhaps a villain? Perhaps a spirit? Someone the main character just sees?
A cheer fills the air from a joust up the square. You hear the maidens swoon
The knights decked in armor defend their prides–a deathmatch is set at noon
There’s so much to see from the bench right there
There’s fairies, and fauns, and music in the air
Knights and adventures. Wizards and pirates. It’s a story all its own
Just take a moment, a single moment, to see it before you go home
As you leave, I hope you smile and have learned something new
All because you sat at a Ren Fest on a bench with a view

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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