Favorite Type of Christmas Tree

Happy December everyone! Tis the holiday season and my favorite holiday, Christmas, is right around the corner! You can definitely tell it’s the season with the stores lining up those Christmas trees in the aisles and these days there’s all different kinds. You’ve got tall trees, skinny trees, pink trees, green trees, black trees, and many more. Seeing all the different kinds made me wonder about people’s favorite type of Christmas tree. So what about you?

To start with a Christmas tree, you have to pick your tree. Tall, skinny, short, pink, white, blue, green, or real. I, personally, like the traditional green trees. Real or fake, I like the natural look. Then, you gotta decorate it. You can use tinsel, garland, lights, what kind of ornaments are you going to use? What’s your tree topper?

I know there’s a lot of premade Christmas trees out there. The ornaments, lights, and garland are already on it. Everything matches with pretty bulbs and it can fit perfectly into the theme of your house. Those are the fancy Christmas trees, and if I’m being honest, those are my least favorite.

My favorite Christmas trees are the home-made ones. You know, the kind that tells a story. The tree itself doesn’t matter. It could be old, new, fake, real. What’s important is the ornaments that go on it. These are the ornaments that a child makes in school. Baby’s first Christmas or beloved pet. The ornaments from that one pastor whom you miss and wish the best. The ornaments that grandpa made or that one bell ornament that doesn’t go on the tree until everyone has a chance to ring it. This is a tree that isn’t perfect or store bought. Maybe all the ornaments are on one side because that’s where your niece could reach. Or all the fragile ones go high up so the cat doesn’t knock them off. Maybe you have an ornament that’s just a piece of paper because it’s a picture of an ornament that got destroyed by a pet?

My favorite Christmas trees are the imperfect ones. Not the kind you see in holiday magazines, but the ones that tell a family’s story. These trees are unique. There’s no other trees like them in the world.

I don’t mean to hark on the matching, perfect Christmas trees you see in the magazines. Some people prefer them and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just wanted to share my perspective. My Christmas tree happiness. So this holiday season–if you haven’t already put your tree up–I hope you’ll take a look at your Christmas tree and wonder about the story behind it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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