Communication Dies

It festers in the ground
A word here
A whisper there
Who knows if its true
Or if its a lie
But it’s enough to make families die
A bond so strong
Cousins, friends, or coworkers
A rumor comes out to commit murder
Lies. Deceit. Your own fabrications
Bitterness and grudges. No communication
No hearing the story
No seeking the truth
No understanding one another so we might make it through
Through all the pain
Through all the falsity
Through the fakes and gossip
And the misread hostility
“Let it go”
“Move on”
“Just forget it”
But still it lingers for you to regret it
Someone remembers
Someone can’t forget
Someone there can’t let go yet
They’ve decided their trust was regrettably misplaced
They’ve decided their efforts were all a waste
Trust not the one who believes they did no wrong
Trust not the one who makes you feel you don’t belong
A simple mistake could be easily fixed
If ears were open and all hearts were selfless
But the rumors have spread there in the dark
Not everyone sees them. Not everyone’s a part
Of the gossip, the judgement, the envy, and grudges
The Darkness that corrupts everything it touches
Now a bond once so strong is now bitter and weak
To the point where some simply refuse to speak
Pride slips in. “It’s not my fault”
You close yourself in just like a vault
“They’re the one who brought this on themselves”
“They’re the one sitting upon their shelf”
“Looking down on the others in our tree”
“Thinking they’re somehow better than me.”
The lies sneak in. You eat them right up
And everyone else decides to just give up
Then the distance sets in
And time is to blame
“I’m simply too busy to call out their name”
“Communication, anyway, is a two way street”
Both parties think that, so they’re both in defeat
A bond once had, now destroyed by lies
This is what happens when communication dies

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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