The Dark of Night

It comes in the dark of night
Makes you toss and turn in bed
It slips right into your room
To whisper fears inside your head

That mistake you made?
It was costly
You should be very afraid
Everyone sees you quite crossly

It breaks your dreams like snapping limbs
And hides within the dark
It fights to make your light grow dim
So you can’t produce a spark

The moment that you’re alone
It pounces for the chance
To remind you of what you’ve blown
You’ll never truly advance

No one can see it
Not all knows it there
But heed my warning
So you’re all aware

The Darkness will come after you
No one is the exception
It’ll tell you your dreams won’t come true
And make you hate your own reflection

When the Darkness comes to bring you down
and pull you in it’s pit
I hope you’ll stand upon the sound
That it’s lies aren’t worth it

It’ll steal your worth
Create scenarios to make you afraid
It’ll steal your sleep, heighten your stress,
And make you forget all mirth

But be not afraid
For I know a Way
All you need is to remember is Truth
You’re worth more than the Darkness
Don’t feel like a carcass
There’s a Light to pull you through

So in the dead of night
When Darkness takes flight
Remember what I said to you
You’re worth more
You’re more than loved
And that I know is true

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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