One Victory at a Time

Are you a long time planner? Someone who has the next five to ten years all planned out? You have your goals and milestones. You’re going to reach this position at this time or accomplish this task in just a few months?

I have goals that I’m trying to reach. A few small ones, some major ones that I’ll pursue as long as it takes. Yet, as much as I would love all of it to happen now. Accomplish all my dreams in this moment, sometimes you just have to wait. Timing is very important. If you jump the gun on a dream before you or the world is ready, it’s going to fall through, but what happens when one of your dreams comes true? The next step in your plan is checked off the list?

We all want that. Check a dream off our list. Be proud and say “we did this!” I hope when that time comes for you, you enjoy it. Its so easy to look at our dreams, look at our accomplishments, and then immediately go to the next thing on the list. “Alright, I made it here, now I want to go there.”

Others will ask you that too. If you tell them your recent victory, some say: “Congrats! Now when are you doing to do this?” As if your one victory isn’t enough. You have to keep pushing forward and not stop and enjoy the moment.

When you accomplish something. When you make that dream come true. Whether its getting the dream job, dream house, book published, item obtained, place traveled, dream vacation, or anything that’s on your list. I hope you stop and enjoy the moment. Enjoy the victory. You did it. You’re here. So, make the best of where you are and don’t blind yourself with what’s next.

So, no matter your plans. Remember to appreciate where you are.

You’re doing great.
You deserve to enjoy your victory.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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