Writing Prompt; High School Lessons

Do you ever think back to your high school days? Would you consider them your “glory days” or are you just happy they’re over? If you have a moment, think about back then. What lessons did you learn? I don’t mean the typical school subjects. I mean beyond the math, sciences, arts, etc. What did your high school days teach you?

One thing I remember fondly from back then is band class. I was a big band geek. Not because I was any good at my instrument, but I loved the togetherness and connection of the band kids. We were a family. We had each others backs and built each other up. We strived to improve together.

The best part about band–in my opinion–was marching band. It’s harder than you think. Play the right notes, make the right strides, reach your spot on time, walk to the beat. You had to master multitasking. I believe marching band helped me and my fellow band kids learn a lot more than the musical stuff. We learned to work together. Learned the discipline of being on time (and by on time, I mean early, because if you’re on time, you’re late). We learned to pull our own weight for the betterment of the whole, because if one person was out of line, everything was off. Yeah, there was some competition between the sections, but that’s how we improved each other. No one wanted their section to be the weakest link. Marching band was tough, but I’d do it all over again. Those are definitely my fondest memories of high school.

What about you?

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I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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