Newbie and Now

How I missed the days
When I would write to write
All that mattered then
Was seeing my characters every night

To one, two,
or three in the morning
One girl and her characters
Were constantly exploring

So many nights
Writing adventures of her friends
Not caring about phrasing
Or how the plot will end

No punctuation, no troublesome tags,
no perfect wording
Or critics that nag

Just writing to write
To make a good story
Figuring it out as we go
Not a care or a worry

But now it’s all changed
It’s gotta be good
No one will take it if it’s misunderstood

The trouble with learning
With getting better and better
Is that progress is concerning
And stress is like heavy leather

It has to be perfect
You need the right words
You’ve forgotten the magic
Of characters being heard

Striving for exceptional
Thrown your characters in the corner
You must be professional
But it’s absolute torture

Retreat to the magic
Sometimes that’s the key
Just you and your characters
Free as can be

So take a moment, a week
A month or two
To return to the wonder
Of when you were new

A newbie writer
Just starting out
Letting your characters show you what it’s all about

Just write to write
Who cares who will read it
Put your magic on the page
You’ve just got to believe it

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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