Starting with Goodbye

When a beginning starts with goodbye
It can be hard to get your footing
Everything is one big cry
And wonder for what are you shooting?

There’s a dream and a goal,
But stagnant starts your roll

You’re on the path,
Following the track
But goodbyes make you want to crack

Missed chances are shown
Of ones you never got to know
You wonder where you can place your love
When everything’s flying off like a dove

What good are you bringing
To the ones who stopped singing?
What difference can you make?
You can’t contribute to the wake
So you wonder why should you try?

Buck up and move on
But your chances are gone
You can’t make a difference anymore

Lift your chin
Put on a grin
And wait for what’s in store

Fake it, if you must
Let them believe you belong
Don’t let them see your mistrust
And they’ll think that you’re strong

Someday, I implore
Goodbyes will be done
And in comes someone
Whom you can make a difference for
Have faith. Press on. You’re far from done
The world needs you here and more

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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