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I’ve been working with a friend of mine to create different kingdoms and cultures based off the 16 different Pokemon types. We have a kingdom of fire, a kingdom of water, grass, fighting, etc. Between the two of us, it’s a lot of work and making each one unique is proving a challenge. Not only that, but we want to build their cultures and history. Give them little traits to really bring their lands to life.

So, our kingdoms are based on the 16 different Pokemon types. What about you? If you were to create 1 kingdom, how would you do it? Would it be based off medieval kingdoms? Indian culture? Japanese? Would your kingdom be nomads? Could they be rooted in tradition? Stubborn to a fault? Open to new ideas? Would they have a religion? What are their beliefs? What are they good at? Bad at? Is there anything they would refuse to do?

One of the kingdoms that I built between me and my friend is the kingdom of the Water Type. We used the names of the kingdoms from Pokemon Conquest. Which gives my water kingdom the name Fontaine. The name was the only thing I took from the game everything else came from me.

The Kingdom of Fontaine

Fontaine is located in the great northern gulf of Ransei. A few islands and sandbars reside within the gulf and along the northern shore of Ransei, but Fontainians live on the sea. There isn’t a resident of Fontaine that doesn’t know how to sail or swim. Fontaine’s capital is called Plethora and is integrated in the largest reef known to man. The ocean reigns in Fontaine and to care for it is every citizen’s duty.

What Fontaine is most known for is its trade and sea travel. Rivers stretch off the Gulf of Fontaine and into other kingdoms. This gives Fontaine the ability to trade and carry goods throughout Ransei. They take great pride in this and their abilities to sail their great galleons and swoops through dangerous waters. Priding themselves on their trade, Fontainians excel in wordplay and negotiations. This makes them seem greedy to other kingdoms and it doesn’t help that they embrace being called pirates.

Alongside ocean devotees and traders, Fontanians are vibrant and enjoy celebrating life. They’ll make any excuse to toast and new shanties seem to pop up everyday. Plethora and the other cities and villages in Fontaine are decorated with bright colors. Water dances and races are the top sports within the kingdom. Fishing competitions are all catch and release. The people of Fontaine are very “go with the flow” type people and don’t often stress over trials; however, to invoke their wraith is to go toe to toe with a hurricane. Fontaine has a great naval fleet and has yet to be beaten in a fight upon the sea.

The warlord of Fontaine is selected by their deity, the Sea Basin pokemon: Kyogre. When a warlord perishes without an heir, the greatest sailors in Fontaine make the perilous trek to Kyogre Isle. Those that survive the journey face Kyogre’s judgement. The one selected is named “Ocean’s Chosen” and is honored throughout Fontaine. A tattoo of Kyogre is marked on their skin so all would know the Chosen has the favor of their deity.

I could go on about the Kingdom of Fontaine, but that’s the gist of it. So, how about you? If you built a kingdom, what would it be like?

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