Mwezi Hu; The Death House pt. 4

There’s a hollowness in the air as we stand in front of Rose and Thorn’s coffins. None of us want to open them. They are–or were–just kids after all. Vyke lets out a heavy sigh. He’s holding his hand out toward the coffins. “I’m detecting a lot of necromancy magic, but its coming from everywhereContinue reading “Mwezi Hu; The Death House pt. 4”

Unicorns and Dragons

Writing Prompt: What would life be like if unicorns and dragons existed? If unicorns and dragons existed, I fear they would’ve been hunted to extinction by now. Let’s start with unicorns. They’re beautiful creatures and often regarded as pure and magical with incredible abilities like healing the sick, and providing long life and happiness. Let’sContinue reading “Unicorns and Dragons”

Communication Dies

It festers in the groundA word hereA whisper thereWho knows if its true Or if its a lieBut it’s enough to make families dieA bond so strongCousins, friends, or coworkersA rumor comes out to commit murderLies. Deceit. Your own fabricationsBitterness and grudges. No communicationNo hearing the storyNo seeking the truthNo understanding one another so weContinue reading “Communication Dies”