Mwezi Hu: The Death House Pt. 1

“I thought this place was burned.” My skin crawls as I wonder the same thing Vyke said. The outside of this manor is black, burned from a fire long cold. Dying trees surround it and monsters we can’t make out howl in the woods. The inside is in perfect shape. The four of us walkContinue reading “Mwezi Hu: The Death House Pt. 1”

Personal Writer’s Block

How many times have you find yourself staring at your computer screen or journal and you just can’t figure out what to put on the page? Maybe you have a deadline, but you’ve lost motivation. You find yourself scrolling through the internet instead of getting done the things you need to get done. That’s whereContinue reading “Personal Writer’s Block”

The True Ending: Nuray Solana

It all came to down to this. All the bandits and necromancers, politics and pirates, leviathans and abominations. It led us here. My feathers are quaking. My heart is racing. A field of burning sand stretches out before us and at the end of it is the elemental. The primordial being of fire itself standsContinue reading “The True Ending: Nuray Solana”