Anxiety of the Budding Novel

Another full readthroughAnother chance of possibilitiesCould it be good enough?Or receive all hostilities? More confident than everWord count relatively stableAn ambitious endeavor This long coming fable Your heart’s in the wordsHope baits on your breathThe thought riles your nervesThat you might have something yet The thought of a futureFor your beloved creationGet it off theContinue reading “Anxiety of the Budding Novel”

Writing Prompt: Dream Interpretation

I don’t know a lot about dreams. You know the kind where you lay your head down to sleep and your mind creates all these fantasies or nightmares. It could be something as cool as battling a witch or as terrifying as being chased by a murderer. I’ve heard it said that dreams are justContinue reading “Writing Prompt: Dream Interpretation”