Running Through the Days

            Work in the morning on Monday and finish up last week’s that evening; work all day on Tuesday and cram in some late that night; don’t work on the weekends during times of chores; clean the house until it shines; stop what you’re doing to avoid trouble; when cleaning the dogs be sure your rag doesn’t have mud on it, or else they’ll never get clean; stick the frozen dinner in the freezer, let it sit for tomorrow night; no one’s home then so relax and work; eat it to your delight, no one is watching you scarf it down; on Sundays open up and see a movie, enjoy the friendship found at church; finish your work, it’s due in two days; work with the horses, harness them right, set them free in the arena since the barn still ain’t up; return home time for a night walk; bring the knife just in case; relax, enjoy the stars, watch as the dogs pitter out; don’t forget that work that’s due. Early in the morning, late to rise; no time for a shower now; get fixed up, eat, and remember that work that’s due? Scramble through morning work, finishing tomorrow’s; time back home do this, do that, clean this, cook that; computer’s open finish some work; back to free writing; can’t sit at that desk long enough for a sentence to be done; I think I’ve paused this song three times in one verse; finish the story plot a new one; time for dinner, say grace, dig in, guess who’s cleaning up? Back at the desk the mind bursts with creativity; draw this, write that, his name, her name, what about the main character? He’s a lizard, him an orge-thing, that geek looks cute as a cat; the Blue Knight? To easy? What’s this station look like; draw the picture; define the title, make it right; he can be yellow, no make him green; woah! Look at the time, time for bed; but what’s her name? Into pajamas; under the covers; but the mind can’t shut down; this is his name and that is his name; the Earth perfect! I need a translation; time for bed, go to sleep; but she still needs a name! Oh snap! There’s more work to be done for tomorrow; wake up for a shower; eat; pack a lunch; check that work; three assignments?! There’ll be time between classes; gotta skip lunch; time to go; make the day; shoot until you’re fingers are sore; work on that work; see what else the days lay ahead.

Creative Writing Project written October 1st, 2013

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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