Nock, Draw, Aim

Nock, draw, and aim, release that volley of arrows down on the enemy, make sure the bow’s properly strung, unstring it and string it again if you must. Don’t squeeze the grip too hard, focus and fire, ashamed at the sleeper on the battle-field, he had been warned by the driver of the movement. Tattooed with blood, let them faint at the smell, embarrassed by their own answer. Smile as you give direction for another set to sing down at the enemy. Shoot at the high-step, the roll-step, the long-step; this is not practice you’re not here to rehearse. Bully the enemy; make them hang up to dry, see them walk, convinced about giving up. Throw down the calling, prevent their dodge. On your count take control, cook them, then soak them, wash them away. Speak and they’ll eat or drink your revolving fire. They carried their boastfulness, amused as you opened fire, they mocked at the birth of your attack, played marbles as they saw you’re not a threat. You were buying your time, waiting for them to put up a weakness, now you play with their entrails, victory secured.

Written back in October 2013, this piece of writing was a Verb and Noun assignment. You basically list a set number of verbs and nouns that you experience throughout your day or throughout a certain time period. It’s a challenging exercise, especially when you find yourself with verbs like “playing marbles” or “high-step, roll-step, and long-step.” I encourage every aspiring writing to see what you can come up with.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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