In the Mirror

Take a look in the mirror.
What do you do you see?
Are you someone you like to be?

Do you focus on the outside?
Or does the inside matter more?
Do you listen to others?
Or just talk, talk, and bore?

Do you put first your own heart?
Or heed the hearts of others?
Do you notice who is hurting?
Or what you get from another?

When you look in the mirror,
You see your own history.
Have you ever considered others’ histories?
Do you think of yourself as less?
Or do you think of yourself less?

Take a look in the mirror.
What is your focus?
Or is everything just fake and bogus?
Reject the world.
People are disappointing.
Or embrace the world,
And find a cause worth joining.

A lot can be said in that mirror’s glass,
From what’s in front to what you look past.

Look in the mirror
Through a smudge or two
And find there’s worth about you.
Inside. Outside. All around.
In every silence and every sound.
A smile. A frown. The beauty within.
Deserves to shine and be alive again.
For you. For others. For a world anew.
There’s a lot that old mirror can teach you.

So, take a look at yourself and the world beyond.
Look hard as if it’ll all soon be gone.
Note the details, the pride, the mess throughout.
And see what you can do without.
What could can you bring for others that’s true?
Everything’s there. It’s all inside you.

Take a look in the mirror
And who do you see?
I hope its someone you like to be.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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