A Hero or a Villain?

Everyone is a hero in their story
And everyone is a villain as well.
The villains think themselves the heroes
and the heroes tell the villains “Go to h***”

But whether a hero or whether a villain there’s something everyone should know.
The heroes and villains are quite frankly just people with hurt they dare not show.

A writer writes heroes. A writer writes villains. A writer puts thoughts on a page.
When the thoughts line up and the feelings come out, it’s the pen that takes their rage.

A thousand tears and a hundred fears. It’s the pen that makes no judgement.
But when the feelings are shown and all is known, it’s the people who cast judgement.

So when the die is cast, you’re made an outcast and the villain in your story.
Who cares what you think? Who cares if you’re hurt? People just want you to say sorry.

But who’s really the villain? Who’s really the hero? No one will ever know!
Because from both sides the hurt runs deep like an unforgiving blow.

Reach out and get slapped. So, you always hold back.
You’re afraid they’ll say “she snapped.”

They only reach out when you need to pout and space to clear your way.
When you don’t respond–so you don’t come undone. Their whispers ruin your day.

Try to reach out, but nothing changes, so here’s where I can’t stay.
Minds are made up. Judgement cast. All that’s left is dismay.

I’m marked the villain and forgo the hero. Let the crowds display their leer.
Let them spread their whispers for everyone to hear:

“The villain is petty. Her heart is ugly.
Don’t forget, she walks quite smugly.
We all agree. It’s crystal clear.
Wherever she belongs, it’s certainly not here.”

So, I’ll be the villain in your story and mine.
I just hope you’ll let me go. We shouldn’t waste anymore time.

Let me fade and be forgotten. So your heart can mend.
Then, when someone comes around the bend,
So shining and brand new.
Your grudge with me is at an end and to them you can be true.

I’m moving on since I’m already gone and I hope that you can too.
May you peace and prosperity and all sorts of clarity and may you never be blue.

Then down the road when troubles unfold and you find yourself a new villain,
May you do better than we and focus on glee and positives for trillions.

May you always be the hero and see others as one too, I know I’ll certainly try.
May we forgive and forget and move on to what’s next until the day we die.

So, hero or villain depends on who’s asked and what’s their point of view.
Yet, moving forward, there’s one thing we all know that’s true.

Whether the hero or whether the villain, everyone now knows:
Heroes and villains are quite frankly just people with hurt they dare not show.

Published by Nikki

I am an aspiring author with one novel written and ready for representation and many in the works.

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